Our Story

Kiss and Makeup America! That is what we were thinking when we launched our new innovative cosmetic company. We wanted to do something to unite women of all stars and stripes, especially in these of times of economic, political and social uncertainty. So, we developed a truly American branded cosmetic line that would bring women together to solve one of the most pressing problems today: the U.S. national debt which is estimated at $19 trillion and growing.

Saluting America!

We named our product line after patriotic themes and priced it affordably starting at $13.76, in honor of the 13 original colonies, and $17.76, in honor of our Declaration of Independence. Wrapped up in red, white and blue, our cosmetics are manufactured in America, are never tested on animals, and are free from GMOs, parabens, and fragrances.

Our tag line is “Do Good, Look Great” because we are the first company to make a statement about the impact of our nation’s debt on women’s lives. For each product purchased, Makeup America! will contribute $1 toward paying down the national debt. The national debt affects all of us. It slows the economy, prevents investment in education, research and development, and infrastructure. It depresses the job market and drives up interest rates, especially on student loans. It impacts small businesses, many which are owned by women, and prompts the threat of cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Can a lipstick or nail polish really tackle the national debt? We think so. After all, women have been balancing their own checkbooks and those of their families for decades. Now is the time for American women to come together and take control of our nation’s checkbook!

Join us at Makeup America! to Do Good...Look Great!

Jennifer and Randa