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This woman wants to pay off the national debt, one lipstick at a time

Originally posted on DC Refined.

In Randa Fahmy's Connecticut Avenue office, memorabilia from her decades-long career in politics line the wall. In one photo, she’s arm-in-arm with Condoleezza Rice. In another, President George W. Bush is talking to her then-3-year-old daughter - at the time, Randa was associate deputy Secretary of Energy.

Randa left the White House in 2003, but she works as a consultant and her desk is still covered in important-looking documents. However, unlike most consultants, her workspace is cluttered by lipstick tucked into starred-and-striped boxes.

Randa launched her own cosmetic line, ‘Makeup America!’ in February 2017. Currently, she sells seven lipsticks, two lip treatments and five nail polishes on the brand's website, but hopes to expand her offerings soon. The lipsticks retail for $17.76, a nod to the Declaration of Independence.


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