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Hot or Not ? – Color Changing Lipstick

Posted on, July 31, 2017

"So this weekend we celebrated #NationalLipstickDay and I figured I would keep up with the lipstick theme and write a review post about color changing lipstick.

"A brand called Makeup America reached out to my sister and I on our beauty Instagram account and asked if they could send us some of their best-selling lipstick called Lady Liberty. Of course we were so excited and said YES (because we still think its surreal when brands reach out to us). Now this lipstick is super interesting because its split down the middle half blue and half white..."

"The lipstick is so pretty and it has sparkles inside the pigment and as soon as you put it on, the color appears on your lips. My color was a very pretty dark berry that had a slight sparkle to it. The color lasted a really long time, it actually acted as a kind of lip stain after I took it off. However I didn’t mind because I thought the color was so pretty!"


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